Wednesday, April 24, 2013

39 Clues: Beginning-Chapter 1-2

Dear viewers,

        Mr.Moore (teacher) gave us a assignment. The assignment is to answer the questions in the post. The main question that I am going to answer in this post is "Will you take easy money and go on with your life? Or would you take the challenge, risk your life and risk your money?" And I am not really sure what I would do because it could go either way and I would really care which way it went.  And another thing he told our group to do is make a refection on what we think of the characters.
        We got the reveal of the mystery book. The name of the book is The Maze Of Bones. In the beginning or the first chapter it starts off with a woman named Grace Cahill that was dying on a bed, grace is a millionaire.   And in the beginning Grace when she was dying someone named William McIntyre asked Grace if she wanted and if she was sure she wanted to sign something. She has two grandchildren named Dan and Amy. I am pretty sure Grace took care of them two before she passed away. Dan said that his favorite person was Grace because she let him call her "Grace" her name instead of grandmother, nana, gran. Dan and Amy. Amy likes to read a lot in the first two chapters in the first two chapters it says she started reading more once Grace (grandmother) passed. While her aunt is is driving like a Maniac. She said Amy put away your book you will distract me from driving. They where driving to the funeral when there where a lot of people there Dan said they were all just there at Grace's funeral because the wanted to inherit the money from Grace.  Amy and Dan were at Graces funeral. Everyone at the funeral  each had a program card. And William said that if they opened it and found a card invitation with gold rimming to follow him. The people that did have the program with gold follow William inside. When they were inside they all sat down and they were all given the choice either to have a clue that was one out of 39 and if you solve all of the clues it could make you the most powerful person in the world. Or the second choice was to have one million dollars.
        Okay, so in the story I think that Grace was very nice since she insisted in Dan and Amy calling her her real name. I think that she was a very nice person. But most of all I wonder the most about what was it the William wanted Grace to sign. Was it important? I think that Amy is a person that just loves to read I'm not sure but I think they are not in school . But, if they were I think that Amy will have no problem with it since she loves to read she must love other subjects too. I think that Dan is a person that wold not be that good in school but instead would have a difficult time. Like when he said that all the family members were just there for the money. So the question from earlier "Will you take easy money and go on with your life? Or would you take the challenge, risk your life and risk your money?" I think that I would take easy money and go on with life. I think that I will do this because I would really have to deal with money problems like paying my bill and getting enough to eat. But, if I did this choice I will at least give some to my family members to spend with their own things. But, If I did this I wouldn't really have the biggest home or the best home I would just have a normal house.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How To Make Ice Cream In A Bag! 3 ingredients

Dear world,

As you know I really like to cook and bake even though I haven't been posting a lot of recipes I really love to bake. And today I am going to tell you how to make Vanilla ice cream in a bag. I have memorized this recipe from a very long time.

All You Need:
- 1 two quart sized zip lock bag
- 1 gallon sized zip lock bag
- 1 cup milk or heavy cream
- 1 teaspoon sugar
- 1/2 a teaspoon vanilla
- 2-3 cups ice
- 1/2 cup rock salt or salt
- A Bowl
-  A cloth or glove in case hands get cold
- Patience

Add heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla into the two quart bag. Zip the bag so no liquid will spill out of leak from bag. Shake the bag to mix all ingredients together. Put the two quart bag in to the gallon sized bag. Add the ice and the salt into the gallon sized bag with the two quart bag. Zip tight. Start to shake and you could also softly kick the bag around. Do so until the cream or mixture condenses. Next this is to open bag and take out the cream bag. Open cream bag and put the  now ice cream into the bowl. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Change

Dear world,

I changed the template of my blog. But I am not really changing my post and I am the same person. I changed it to a nicer back round than I had before I really think that I like this style. All of the posts are going to be the same as before I changed it.

The Mockingjay project

Dear world,

The Mockingjay pin.
We are doing something different in class for guided reading we are going to do something that Charles found at a blog called the Mockingjay Project. But we are not going to do it with the book The Mockingjay we don't really know the book yet. Charles one of my classmates found this blog on comments for kids. On this blog there are multiple students blogs which I believe are eighth grade. They used a tool on these blog in which they created their own characters. And they could either record their own voices or they could write text. This tool was called Voki and I am not one hundred percent sure. I am really excited about what we are going to do, what we are going to use, and what book we are going to read for this assignment. I will though finish blogging about Flush until I finish. But I will be only posting them at home and writing them at home.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flush: Trapped

Dear viewers,                                                              

In the last post Shelly and Noah were discussing the plan before the Coral Queen opened for the night. Noah is going to stay in the bathroom while Shelly is working. Then suddenly, Noah is finished dumping all the food coloring gel in the toilet when... a lady knocks at the door. And she starts to yell that she needs to use the bathroom. As this happened Noah though either this lady couldn't read or she needed to go so bad she didn't care about the sign.

Lady knocking at door.
I think that this lady was not very smart because the two things Noah though happened either she couldn't read or she needed to use the bathroom really bad I think that it was the second choice because she probably didn't care about anything that was happening  because she needed to go. She probably thought that the bathroom was open because there was one flushing, and she
 probably thought that someone was in there, which there was. Here was a post on Bella's blog which is at the part that I am at now.  I Put this on here because she did an amazing job, and she always puts a ton of effort into her blog posts that she makes.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Flush: On the Coral Queen!

A casino boat docked.
Dear visitors,

The last post was about how Noah was getting into the Coral Queen and was getting in by a lift. Like he was actually getting lifted  off the ground.

So Noah got in the Coral Queen and met up with Shelly since Noah and Abbey bought 34 bottles of food gel each Noah and Shelly got 17 bottles. Noah was going to be in one of the woman's bathroom which was called the bathroom for
Out of order sign.
"Mermaids."  On the out side of the bathroom was an "out of order" sign so no one would want to go in or will have a idea of going in that bathroom because it was "out of order." Shelly said that he could go in that bathroom while she was doing her thing. Which is being a bartender on the Coral Queen. She said that she only got off two times every night so she wouldn't have very much time. Shelly also said that since they (Abbey and Noah)
A bartender like Shelly.
got food gel instead of food coloring the gel would be harder to squeeze into to toilet water. And that this would take longer to do so.

I think that calling the "Mermaids" bathroom was creative. I think that Dusty and other crew members. I wonder who named it? But the thing that I realized is that they probably named it like that because since they were on the ocean. Since the Coral Queen doesn't go any where it was a super simple plan even for abbey. I think that on this blog post that Bella had posted was very similar to mine about how Noah got onto the coral Queen. I think that Bella had a very,
very got post. She had put many
details in the post and I really think
that she is overall a great blogger.
She included some of the
 information that I left out of my
last blog. I is not very much
information but that is what makes
her blog post interesting.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Dear world,

There was a mix up with some of my post. The last two posts got switched around with each other and now are out of order. I don't know what happened but I hope this is only for a while not forever I don't want to confuse all of you people. These two post were the last two Carl Hiaasen posts, posted. Hope this doesn't happen again! Sorry for the mix up!

Flush: Almost There

Dear visitors,

Like a picture of a an conversation.
So on the last blog post I made, Noah and Abbey are headed to the Coral Queen. And they had this conversation that I forget to add to the last post. Abby will be "Pink" and Noah is going to be "Blue." 

Noah: Sure you're okay with this? I'll be gone awhile.

Abbey: Oh, gimme a break, 'Course I'm okay.

Noah: Stay right here until you hear me yell 'Geronimo!' Then you know what to do.

Abbey: Why 'Geronimo'?

Noah: Because I saw it in a movie once.

Abbey: What the heck does it mean?

Noah: It means 'Hurry up and rescue
me before I get kicked by Dusty's big
 ugly goon.' No more questions okay?
 Keep out of site and I'll see you later.

I think that so far this is an awesome
book probably one of my favorites
 so far but I think that  I have to wait
 till I see another of Carl Hiaasen's boos
 first. On Annabelle's blog she has the
conversation quotes from the book to
but she has different colors for them. 

Flush: Time to Hide!

Dear viewers,
A picture of a crate.

My last post Noah and Abbey were reviewing there plan if some thing went wrong there would be a big problem. Now Abbey dropped Noah off at the Coral Queen and left to wait for the key word "Geronimo." The Coral Queen at this time was about to open for the night. Shelly, Noah, and Abbey had discussed the plan and it is time for action! Noah spotted some crates. Shelly had promised Noah that one of the crates would be empty for Noah. So Noah looked for the empty crate. When he spotted the crate he opened it and hopped in. Some of the workers on the casino came and started to bring all the crates to Shelly because since she was the bar tender. All the crates except the crate Noah was in were filled with liquor. As the workers were bringing the crates up to her they were complaning a bout Noah's crate being so heavy.
Two people carrying a crate like the two workers on the Coral Queen.

I think that this is the part in the book where it gets the most interesting. There is more action and things like that. I think that Carl Hiaasen is doing a great job. Even when I thought that in the middle of the book it wasn't all that interesting. I really like the end of the book, still have more to blog about. I think that Noah wouldn't be all that heavy well they don't know what is in the crate, all they think is in it is Liquor. But, the thing is they are both grown men and they both are complaining about the weight. I think that everyone should read this book because it is