Wednesday, April 24, 2013

39 Clues: Beginning-Chapter 1-2

Dear viewers,

        Mr.Moore (teacher) gave us a assignment. The assignment is to answer the questions in the post. The main question that I am going to answer in this post is "Will you take easy money and go on with your life? Or would you take the challenge, risk your life and risk your money?" And I am not really sure what I would do because it could go either way and I would really care which way it went.  And another thing he told our group to do is make a refection on what we think of the characters.
        We got the reveal of the mystery book. The name of the book is The Maze Of Bones. In the beginning or the first chapter it starts off with a woman named Grace Cahill that was dying on a bed, grace is a millionaire.   And in the beginning Grace when she was dying someone named William McIntyre asked Grace if she wanted and if she was sure she wanted to sign something. She has two grandchildren named Dan and Amy. I am pretty sure Grace took care of them two before she passed away. Dan said that his favorite person was Grace because she let him call her "Grace" her name instead of grandmother, nana, gran. Dan and Amy. Amy likes to read a lot in the first two chapters in the first two chapters it says she started reading more once Grace (grandmother) passed. While her aunt is is driving like a Maniac. She said Amy put away your book you will distract me from driving. They where driving to the funeral when there where a lot of people there Dan said they were all just there at Grace's funeral because the wanted to inherit the money from Grace.  Amy and Dan were at Graces funeral. Everyone at the funeral  each had a program card. And William said that if they opened it and found a card invitation with gold rimming to follow him. The people that did have the program with gold follow William inside. When they were inside they all sat down and they were all given the choice either to have a clue that was one out of 39 and if you solve all of the clues it could make you the most powerful person in the world. Or the second choice was to have one million dollars.
        Okay, so in the story I think that Grace was very nice since she insisted in Dan and Amy calling her her real name. I think that she was a very nice person. But most of all I wonder the most about what was it the William wanted Grace to sign. Was it important? I think that Amy is a person that just loves to read I'm not sure but I think they are not in school . But, if they were I think that Amy will have no problem with it since she loves to read she must love other subjects too. I think that Dan is a person that wold not be that good in school but instead would have a difficult time. Like when he said that all the family members were just there for the money. So the question from earlier "Will you take easy money and go on with your life? Or would you take the challenge, risk your life and risk your money?" I think that I would take easy money and go on with life. I think that I will do this because I would really have to deal with money problems like paying my bill and getting enough to eat. But, if I did this choice I will at least give some to my family members to spend with their own things. But, If I did this I wouldn't really have the biggest home or the best home I would just have a normal house.

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  1. Bernadette,
    Why do nyou think Amy reads so much? Is it because she loves to read, or is it because she is hiding? You've done some great thinking here. You have permission to move on to the next post.