Monday, April 1, 2013

Flush: Almost There

Dear visitors,

Like a picture of a an conversation.
So on the last blog post I made, Noah and Abbey are headed to the Coral Queen. And they had this conversation that I forget to add to the last post. Abby will be "Pink" and Noah is going to be "Blue." 

Noah: Sure you're okay with this? I'll be gone awhile.

Abbey: Oh, gimme a break, 'Course I'm okay.

Noah: Stay right here until you hear me yell 'Geronimo!' Then you know what to do.

Abbey: Why 'Geronimo'?

Noah: Because I saw it in a movie once.

Abbey: What the heck does it mean?

Noah: It means 'Hurry up and rescue
me before I get kicked by Dusty's big
 ugly goon.' No more questions okay?
 Keep out of site and I'll see you later.

I think that so far this is an awesome
book probably one of my favorites
 so far but I think that  I have to wait
 till I see another of Carl Hiaasen's boos
 first. On Annabelle's blog she has the
conversation quotes from the book to
but she has different colors for them. 

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