Friday, April 5, 2013

Flush: On the Coral Queen!

A casino boat docked.
Dear visitors,

The last post was about how Noah was getting into the Coral Queen and was getting in by a lift. Like he was actually getting lifted  off the ground.

So Noah got in the Coral Queen and met up with Shelly since Noah and Abbey bought 34 bottles of food gel each Noah and Shelly got 17 bottles. Noah was going to be in one of the woman's bathroom which was called the bathroom for
Out of order sign.
"Mermaids."  On the out side of the bathroom was an "out of order" sign so no one would want to go in or will have a idea of going in that bathroom because it was "out of order." Shelly said that he could go in that bathroom while she was doing her thing. Which is being a bartender on the Coral Queen. She said that she only got off two times every night so she wouldn't have very much time. Shelly also said that since they (Abbey and Noah)
A bartender like Shelly.
got food gel instead of food coloring the gel would be harder to squeeze into to toilet water. And that this would take longer to do so.

I think that calling the "Mermaids" bathroom was creative. I think that Dusty and other crew members. I wonder who named it? But the thing that I realized is that they probably named it like that because since they were on the ocean. Since the Coral Queen doesn't go any where it was a super simple plan even for abbey. I think that on this blog post that Bella had posted was very similar to mine about how Noah got onto the coral Queen. I think that Bella had a very,
very got post. She had put many
details in the post and I really think
that she is overall a great blogger.
She included some of the
 information that I left out of my
last blog. I is not very much
information but that is what makes
her blog post interesting.

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