Monday, April 1, 2013

Flush: Time to Hide!

Dear viewers,
A picture of a crate.

My last post Noah and Abbey were reviewing there plan if some thing went wrong there would be a big problem. Now Abbey dropped Noah off at the Coral Queen and left to wait for the key word "Geronimo." The Coral Queen at this time was about to open for the night. Shelly, Noah, and Abbey had discussed the plan and it is time for action! Noah spotted some crates. Shelly had promised Noah that one of the crates would be empty for Noah. So Noah looked for the empty crate. When he spotted the crate he opened it and hopped in. Some of the workers on the casino came and started to bring all the crates to Shelly because since she was the bar tender. All the crates except the crate Noah was in were filled with liquor. As the workers were bringing the crates up to her they were complaning a bout Noah's crate being so heavy.
Two people carrying a crate like the two workers on the Coral Queen.

I think that this is the part in the book where it gets the most interesting. There is more action and things like that. I think that Carl Hiaasen is doing a great job. Even when I thought that in the middle of the book it wasn't all that interesting. I really like the end of the book, still have more to blog about. I think that Noah wouldn't be all that heavy well they don't know what is in the crate, all they think is in it is Liquor. But, the thing is they are both grown men and they both are complaining about the weight. I think that everyone should read this book because it is

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