Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flush: Trapped

Dear viewers,                                                              

In the last post Shelly and Noah were discussing the plan before the Coral Queen opened for the night. Noah is going to stay in the bathroom while Shelly is working. Then suddenly, Noah is finished dumping all the food coloring gel in the toilet when... a lady knocks at the door. And she starts to yell that she needs to use the bathroom. As this happened Noah though either this lady couldn't read or she needed to go so bad she didn't care about the sign.

Lady knocking at door.
I think that this lady was not very smart because the two things Noah though happened either she couldn't read or she needed to use the bathroom really bad I think that it was the second choice because she probably didn't care about anything that was happening  because she needed to go. She probably thought that the bathroom was open because there was one flushing, and she
 probably thought that someone was in there, which there was. Here was a post on Bella's blog which is at the part that I am at now.  I Put this on here because she did an amazing job, and she always puts a ton of effort into her blog posts that she makes.

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