Thursday, May 9, 2013

39 Clues: Maze Of Bones: Chapter 3

Hello world, 

The book has gotten more interesting since my last post and since then then challenge that Mr.Moore put up was a little more difficult. I think that the farther and farther we move into the book the more and more we are going to have to think. 

So the last time Amy and Dan had a choice. Either to take one million dollars or get one clue of 39 that could make them the most powerful person in the world. William gave everyone in that room about 40 out of the 400 people 5 minutes to think and talk to their families. Amy and Dan had a short time limit and two things that they really wanted. Dan wanted the million dollars because he could have a lot of baseball cards because he trades those. And Amy didn't really know what she wanted. Then there cousins Natalie and Ian. They are twins and are very annoying. They were saying that Dan and Amy were going to take the money because they were poor. And that they weren't going to take the challenge because they were going to fail at the challenge. So Dan and Amy knew that Grace would want them to take the challenge and they wanted to prove Natalie and Ian wrong!

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  1. This is some awesome work! You've done a great job, but you've also missed on of the directions. We make vocabulary resources often, and you get into a habit. But this time, I changed the directions! Read carefully. After you fix the slideshow, let me know and I'll give you permission to move on.