Monday, May 13, 2013

Food and Nutrition: The food plate/ Reading Nutrition Labels

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So this blog post is going to tell you about about what I learned about the food plate and reading nutrition labels. Hope you enjoy and learn more than you know now. You can go to this link to to find out  more.

The Food Plate
So on the food plate you should have a varieties of fruits. They can be canned, fresh, frozen, dried. And you should not have a lot of fruit juices and added sweeteners and no fiber. You should also have plenty of vegetable and mostly of the ones that are green and orange. Grains are  things like bread, cereal, rice, crackers, and pasta. Meat and beans are another was that you can protein. When you get meat get some that is lean or has little or no fat at all. Baking, broiling, and grilling are better choices on preparing meat. Other proteins are fish, peas, beans, seeds, and nuts. Dairy is a snack or drink that has minerals in it. When you choose these you choose them that have a little or no fat.You, your body need enough calories to work and move and stay active. Another way of staying healthy is to exercise.

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