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PitBulls/ My dog

Dear world,

A picture of Penny the second day we had her.
I got a puppy! She is a girl and she is named penny. When we got her on Christmas she was seven weeks old. she was so small. She is a Pit bull mix.

Now in this video (right side) Penny has grown
 so much. The older she gets the more spot
come to be on her. She is a energetic little puppy.
 Day by day play, eat, sleep, play, eat, sleep, play,
 play, play.  She loves to climb the couch and look                    
 on the other side of it. She barks and that means                  
she would like to go to the other side. Sometimes                
she falls down but when she does a pillow is there
to catch her at the perfect time. Penny is a huge puppy right now she is about 6 months old and about full grown and she love to get wet and she can also
 go down slides without help.

Here is my essay on pit bulls:
Bernadette #42
February 14, 2012
Informative Essay Choice

Face the Facts About Pit Bulls!

What would happen if you got a dog, or even a Pit bull? There are many things to learn about Pit bull, but the three most important things you need to know about pitbulls before you get one is their history, characteristics, and their training.  Did you know the pit bulls official name is Staffordshire Bull terrier? The Pit bull can live up to 14 year thats 98 dog years. Did you know puppies are easier to train when they are little?  In this essay you will learn about all of these things and more than you ever knew about Pit bulls.
Did you know that the Pit Bulls were used in mines when they were first breed? In this paragraph you will learn about the Pit Bull’s History, their breed, life, and where they came from. People in the nineteenth (1900’s) century bred the Pit Bull because they wanted a dog that was small to fit in the mine shafts with the coal miners.They combined a Bulldog with a small local dog. They ended up getting the Staffordshire Bull terrier. (Pit Bull) The Pit bull has been around for a long time they have a special life. The dog was used as a fighting dog and that ended in 1935. But, still people use Pit bulls as fighting dogs. The other names for the Staffordshire Bull terrier are the Pit bull, APBT, Pitty, and Pitt Bull. The dog (Pit bull)  was bred to be a short and fast dog that was first used in mines. Where did the Pit Bull come from? The dog was first bred in England. They were bred in the 1860’s. In england they were used for Bull and Bear baiting. Now you know the history of the Staffordshire Bull terrier.
Did you know that Pit bulls have many different personalities. In this paragraph you will learn about pit bulls personalities and even more like the character traits, jobs, and body structure. There are many different words that can describe a pit bull. Like they are muscular, loyal, clownish, stubborn, affectionate, intelligent, friendly, and obedient. The pit bull can grow up to 17 - 22 inches tall and 30 - 65 pounds in weight. The pit bull can live 12 - 14 years if well taken care of. The pit bull does many different jobs some good and some just cruel. When people used Pit bulls wrongly the use them as illegal fighting dogs. The pit bulls were also used incompetition, as police dogs, or therapy dogs. They can also be used for herding sheep, protecting people or livestock. Now lets talk about the body structure of the pitbull. The coat of the pit bull can be many colors, in fact they can be almost any color. The pit bull is a medium sized dog and has a scissor like bite. This breed is short haired, with small short ears. In this paragraph you have learned about the pit bull’s characteristics.
There are many different things to teach pit bull. Including how to teach them not to bite, to housebreak them, and teach them other tricks. There are many ways to solve the biting problem for pit bulls. One of the things that you can try is to get a cold butter stick, and then you rub it on the back of your hand and let them lick it. Another thing you can try, is every time your dog bites you, you press the roof of their mouth with your thumb. The last thing you can try is you can get a spray bottle and spray your dog every time they bite you and when they stop biting you give them their favorite treat. To housebreak a puppy is simple. When your dog is showing signs of going to the bathroom you take them outside. (They will sniff around and look like they are trying to find something.) Take them to a spot that you would like them to go bathroom. Once they have used the bathroom say “Good job!” give them a treat and take them inside. There are many different tricks that you can show you puppy that will help, or will just give your dog a trick that they can do on command, like sitting, staying, shaking, or do many other things. The first step to training a puppy is to get the puppy to get some treats and to get your self to a quiet room that doesn't have any distractions. Then what you want to do is move their body to the trick you want them to do then you do then you say the command or a hand gesture you want (or you can add both), when their body is in that position you say or do the command give them a treat. When they have done that things on their own keep giving them treat when they do it.  In this paragraph you have learned about how to train your Pit bull.
In this essay you have learned about Pit bulls. You have learned about Pit Bulls Origin/History, their characteristics, and how to train them. In this paragraph you have learned about Pit bulls and what they act like and how they behave. What would you do if you had a Pit bull puppy or a Pit bull? What would you train them and what would they do when you train them? If you got a Pit bull what would you name it and color would he/she be? Would you want a Pit bull or what other dog would you get. Do you already have a Pit bull, dog, or another animal? 


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So I wanted to mention one of my best friends and she is also a great friend. Who I have know since I was in kindergarten. She is a little older than me and she is very smart and likes to blog. She hasn't done much blogging this summer but she is a great blogger. Her blog Rocking star Blogger.