Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Reflection On The Fifth Grade

Dear viewer,

Soon school is going to end and it will become summer break. Then after summer break I will be in Middle school the next grade. So here is my reflection on this year in fifth grade.
                                                                        Reading Group
I think that the best part about being in fifth grade is that we are treated like we are the age we are not like we are babies. We did a lot this year learning new things and getting very cool things in the class room. I think that Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Mrs. Thumm each did a great job making sure that we are were learning. And I really liked the way the guiding reading custom went this year. I liked how in Fast For Word they were on the computers working to get into  a higher group. I was in Fast For Word and then I moved up on to the highest group they have-The Purple Group. For the most part Being in the purple group is fun. We got to move at our own pace. We got to read, blog, and all we did was at our own pace and independent.
So in the beginning of the year we went to a educational place in the rocky mountains called Cal-wood. Cal-wood was a great experience. (although it took a long time back and fourth) I really liked it because of how we had cabins with a group and we stayed there for four days. I liked the food there and the schedule and we had to follow the schedule or we might not go with the group or go hiking with them and we also might miss breakfast. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Cal- wood was really good tasting and also it was also healthy. I think that the first day was great because we brought our own lunch and we went hiking right away. I remember on the last whole day at Cal-wood we went on a really long hike to the very top of an mountain and we got to create our own sandwiches and eat them with fruit. I remember the people who lead us name was Eric and I can't really remember the other persons name. I really had a great time. I really like how instead this year they had the Cal-wood trip 2 weeks before school started so we wouldn't really miss out on our school learning.
                                                                          Great Books
I really liked a lot of books that I got to read during my time at fifth grade. Like the very first book I read in fifth grade was a book called Loser by a author named Jerry Spinelli  I really liked this book because it had a great lead-You grow up with a kid but you never really notice him. He's just there-on the street, the playground, the neighborhood. He's part of the scenery, like the park cars and the green plastic bags on trash day. I really liked the book because through the whole book it was interesting event. I was like just interesting events after interesting events. I loved that book. I was about a boy name Donald Zinkoff and his life that he had but it was a non-fiction book in the book it takes you though hos grades and his best events in his life. One off his teachers had a saying that Z shall go first and since Zinkoff had a Z in his last name he got to be first. In the front of the class and things like that.
                                                                            Idea Paint 
I remember the day before spring break we had tables and they were pretty blank. When we left school that day for week I don't think any body in the whole class of 43 students would expect such a good and useful surprise- Idea paint. Idea paint is a kind of paint that is clear and you can paint it on to different things like tables and walls. That is exactly what Mr. Moore and Ms. Vander Velde planned to do and what they did. The idea paint is really cool because you can use the the table or wall how you usually  would use it with out the idea paint but the cool thing about this paint that is different from other paints is it turn the tables or walls into a white board. It is a really cool thing. I really love this for writing on the table and taking notes for things that I could not type as fast as I write-like taking notes on a video. The only down side on this is you only can use a black color marker because the other colors can stain the table.I think that this is a really cool learning material.
                                                                  Class Parties/ School Events
I thought that all of the class parties or events were are are going to be great. They were really fun and exciting. I really found it fun that we really didn't just learn we had fun with learning and we also did a lot of school events too! My favorite was at night which was called The father daughter winter ball. This event we came to school the girls in the school and did a lot of fun activities. We ate pasta, danced, took photographs and had prizes too.